Waste No Day: A Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical Motivational Podcast

Is Your Tap Water Ok? with Joe Kuklis of BritaPRO

March 21, 2022

In today’s show, we are putting Joe Kuklis in your passenger seat to discuss water treatment and conditioning. There is a fallacy that just because water comes out of your tap that it is completely OK. Is it? Just because water comes from your municipality doesn’t mean that it won’t still cause damage both in your body and in your home. Joe Kuklis is an expert in the field and a trainer for BritaPRO. Joe has been associated with and passionate about water treatment since 2005, ranging from field work, whole sale plumbing distribution, and manufacturing. His knowledge is extensive and so is his desire for people to have true quality water at the tap. Joe shares his knowledge and advise on how to not only become educated on the condition of your water but also how you can help educate homeowners on solutions to fix those concerns.

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