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Running a Call Like a $3M Electrician with Logan Altland of Mister Sparky Electric

April 25, 2022

In today’s show, we are putting Logan Altland in your passenger seat to discuss his success and strategy as a $3M electrician. Currently working for Mister Sparky Electric in Lancaster, PA, Logan wasn’t always in the electrical trade. In fact, he had a brief stint as a butcher learning the cuts of the meat. Now he spends his days learning how to cut up each meeting with a client. After graduating high school, Logan didn’t feel like he should pursue college so instead he got into school for the electrical trade. Working through the years and the system he became a journeyman electrician and started his career in commercial electrical. Working his way up to head electrician at a 500+ bed hospital he always viewed residential electrical as “the easy stuff.” However, he decided to try his hand at life in the residential world and found quick success. This year, Logan is already averaging over $300,000 in sales per month putting him on a run rate for well over three million dollars this year. Logan joins us today to share the magic that makes up his typical call and how he has found such success in both the financial benefits as well as customer service of the residential electrical field.

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